It is violence of any kind perpetrated within a domestic relationship. Many people do not realise how broadly the law interprets the term ‘domestic violence’. It is not just about inflicting physical harm on another person.

Domestic violence also includes financial abuse within a relationship and all other sorts of ‘nonphysical’ behaviours that might cause a person to fear for their safety or the safety of another loved one. Domestic violence can also be perpetrated within a variety of different relationships, not just between intimate partners or ex-partners; but also between a parent and child; other relatives; or within relationships where one person is acting informally as the other person’s career.

What can you do if you think you might be the victim of domestic violence?

Ask TASC! Come and see TASC for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your legal rights and remedies. You may be eligible to apply for a protection order through the Magistrates Court of Queensland.

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