About TASC Law

TASC National Limited incorporates not-for-profit and fee-based legal assistance and services.

TASCs not-for-profit services incorporate the Ipswich Community Legal Service, the Toowoomba Community Legal Service and the Roma Community Legal Service in addition to other not-for-profit generalist and specialist programs.  We have a strong Disability Law Practice and represent persons with impaired capacity who face the criminal justice system.  TASC represents clients in the Mental Health Tribunal and provides legal advice and support to persons who live with a mental illness. Our Outreach Legal Services have developed extensively over our 36 years in practice as a Community Legal Centre. TASC operates the Rural Women’s Outreach Legal Service and provides a number of out-of-hours clinics at our offices and the offices of our outreach partners to ensure that our clients are provided with efficient and prompt access to legal services.

TASCs fee-based legal services are provided by TASC Law Pty Ltd, an Incorporated Legal Practice.  (details to be provided)

All TASC Legal Services operate within our Vision of Social Justice for All.

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