On the 17th and 18th of March our solicitor Brenton Day attended the 2017 Queensland Law Society Symposium at the Brisbane Convention Centre. The Symposium brought together senior and early career members of the Legal Profession to discuss and reflect upon the challenges that face the legal system and to how better serve clients that seek assistance and help with navigating what is quite often, a complex and perplexing legal process. The Symposium also provided an excellent opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the law as well as an interesting debate about whether or not lawyers may be substituted in the future by Artificial Intelligence.

Ms Christine Smyth, President of the Queensland Law Society gave a passionate speech about the importance of Community Legal Centres and the invaluable pro bono work they provide to disadvantaged and marginalised members of our society. Ms Smyth called upon the Federal Government to reverse proposed funding cuts to the sector. This view was echoed by The Honourable Yvette D’ath, Attorney-General of Queensland. Already, too many people are being turned away from accessing Justice because of current funding levels, leaving many unrepresented people to tackle complex legal issues on their own.

At TASC, our mission is to assist those who are otherwise unable to obtain private legal assistance. Should you have a question about a legal issue, we encourage you to contact us on 4616 9700 and askTASC.

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